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Our corgi is the inspiration for our mediation training simulations which help our students learn how to tackle real-world problems through brainstorming, shifting perspectives, and reality-checks.

We believe that our students learn best buy doing! So, all of our classes include real-world fact patterns .... but we have taken some creative license...

While in class, students will mediate in real time with guest actors and other students playing mediating parties....

Those parties need a backstory, of course, and therefore you will be mediating between Will and Kate, Charles and Camilla, and Pippa and Harry, among others.

For those of you unaware, Queen Elizabeth II inherited a love for Corgis when her father King George VI brought home the family's first Corgi, Dookie, in 1933. Currently, the Queen has a Corgi-Dachsund mix named Candy.

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